Our Process

Our favorite client comments always include some mention of how well we got to know their business. To them, it’s somewhat surprising; to us, it means our process is working.

  1. Learn - The first step in all our projects is to learn—as much as we can about everything that touches the client’s organization. We ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers. All kinds of information are collected: existing materials; competitive research; past results and future objectives. We stir up a lot of dust.
  2. Distill - As the dust settles, the discovery begins. In this step we collaborate, brainstorm, and test everyone’s assumptions and ideas. After gathering everything we’ve learned, we hone in on the salient and discard the distracting. It’s where we uncover what the client is really after.
  3. Crystallize - The project now comes into clear focus. The message is sharp, the strategy is bulletproof, and the concept and scope of work to be done—as well as the plan to get there—are well defined.
  4. Design - In step 4, we produce a number of mockup designs, each exploring a different approach to the task at hand. Client input is vital at this stage as we work through several iterations culminating with a final design selection and the client’s approval.
  5. Develop - The project comes to life. Graphics are created and optimized, functionality is programmed and tested, copy is written and polished. All the pieces are assembled to form a whole that executes the client’s vision.
  6. Launch - The final product is now ready for prime time. Web work goes live, print pieces are sent to the printer, and new identities are unveiled. Audiences get their first look at the new you…and you get your first look at the results.